My Favourite moments from MVPDays over the past 3 years

Hey folks I thought I would write this up as a quick post that truly shows the power of community.   Here are also a few of the top moments @twitter has captured for us. I love a lot of this pictures captured from Various #MVPHour sightings across north America. #MVPDays4Life...

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My Sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2016

Show your support and come cheer us on at Microsoft Ignite 2016.   This year I have been so fortunate to have been selected for 2 x Sessions.     The First one will be on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 – 11:30 – 12:15PM Room B203   Interact with an MVP discussion panel about Windows Server This session features a panel of the world’s best MVPs. The panel fields questions from the audience as well as talks about the amazing new features and technologies coming out with Microsoft Windows Server 2016. These sessions always draw a really good crowd...

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Community Sponsorship for MVPDays North American Community Roadshow is Free

Wait a minute you are probably reading this blog post because you saw the word Free in it….   Well you didn’t read that wrong…. Yes Community Sponsorship of MVPDays is totally free.   You are probably wondering why so read on and find out more…..       One of the big reasons that is so successful is the amazing support from the community.   As such we would like to showcase your community as part of this amazing North American Community Roadshow.   So if you are a member of a User Group Lead or an...

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Must attend Sessions of Microsoft Ignite 2016

Attending a conference like Microsoft Ignite can be a daunting task. There are over 25,000 attendees + Speakers + Sponsors etc. Right now there is a list of over 1,000 sessions to choose from and there are so many choices it is actually quite confusing. So my friend Clint Wyckoff – MVP @clintwyckoff and myself have come up with a list of our Must Attend Sessions of Microsoft Ignite 2016. We actually recorded them as part of our milestone 40th episode of Interview with an MVP on Channel 9. We really hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Dave  ...

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MVPDays Website – Relaunch today

Well we were in need of a new website as the old one had been live since 2014. So today we rebranded and re-launched the website. We would love your feedback on it and as such send your comments via twitter to @mvpdays   Hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the site.   Thanks, Dave and...

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Veeam’s next Big thing – Veeam can now Backup Office 365

Hello Microsoft Office 365 fans, today Veeam made a huge announcement regarding Office 365 email backup capabilities. You will be able to fully protect your email in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud starting in Q4 of 2016. This was a massive hole for a lot of organizations that were migrating or had already migrated to Office 365. Also included in this announcement was the that if you are already a Veeam Availability Suite Enterprise Plus customer you will be able to get 3 years of protection for your mailboxes for FREE. That’s right folks for free.     Great...

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PowerShell for Everyone – Microsoft makes it Open Source

You wanted it and now you have it. Microsoft vision of joining forces with Linux and the Open Source community took another huge leap in the right direction today. This announcement has made Power Shell open and available to the community.   Here is a snip from the blog posting at Microsoft describing this announcement: Since its inception in 2002 PowerShell has been deeply influenced and improved by the passion and needs of our community. As an example, 80 contributors filed bugs and issues on the “alpha” release. Since that time we, together, have built a strong PowerShell community that...

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Not all Backup Targets are created Equally – Exagrid + Veeam

We have been implementing Veeam Backup Solutions for about the past 4 + years now and one thing that we have learned is that not every backup target is the same. We are pleased to announce this week that we have signed up as a partner with Exagrid. Exagrid treats Veeam backup targets storage differently from traditional ISCSI / NAS or CIFS repositories. It is actually purpose built for backup and optimized for Veeam.   What makes Exagrid different for Virtual environments is:   Virtual Environments IT environments are increasingly becoming virtualized for the majority of applications. Virtualized backup...

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Ignite is Sold Out – Don’t fear you can win a free pass

Some huge congratulations are in order for the Microsoft Events team for selling out #MSIgnite 2016. Did you forget to buy your ticket or your boss would pay for it this year. Don’t worry HyperGrid is giving away a free pass to Ignite. All you have to do is signup for our webinar on August 25, 2016 and you will be entered to win. You do need to put in a valid business email address in order to qualify. So make sure you read the fine print. You can register for the Webinar here:   Here is some more information on the webinar:   Unleash the Power and Flexibility of VDI Major Healthcare User Shares His Experience August 25, 20169:00am PST / 11:00am CST / 12:00pm EST Join us and benefit from our experts’ in-depth knowledge and real life experiences. Kelly Murphy, HyperGrid Founder, speaks to how HyperGrid HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) delivers a VDI-in-a-Box solution: Deploy rapidly Add incrementally as needed Scale to 1,000 of desktops in one grid Pay of usage model drastically lowers TCO Build for a DevOps model Douglas DeCamp, discusses how he was able to design and implement a simple cost effective and scalable solution to deliver any application to any user on any device. Efficiently managed and scaled Windows Application Management today with a 5 year view into the future Details on how...

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MVPDays North American Community Roadshow – Countdown Show #1

  We’re back again this time for a MVPDays North American Community Roadshow tour.   Some huge announcements in this countdown show including: 7 new Cities for MVPDays Community Roadshow in 2016/2017 Atlanta September 2016 Seattle November 2016 Orlando December 2016 Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton February 2017 New Orleans May 2017 We also announced the very first ever Ignite Cup: An exhibition hockey game that will be the “Coolest” Event at MS Ignite 2017 Register for Ignite Cup 2016 Atlanta GA     We will be having some extra special guests join us for MVPDays 2016 in Atlanta.   Watch the...

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Huge Announcement – Ignite Cup the Coolest Event at MS Ignite 2016

Come join us in Atlanta for the absolute “Coolest” event at MS Ignite 2016. We hosting an event at the Duluth Ice Forum featuring an exhibition Hockey Game. Planning for this event started over 1 year ago and was originally going to happen with MS Ignite Chicago… After the venue moved so did we. There are still spots available for players, coaches, spectators and more. This is a 100 % free community event. We have gracious sponsors that have stepped up to help cover our costs. So far we have: Veeam, HyperGrid, RSVC, and TriCon Elite Consulting. (Thank you...

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All you need to know about Windows Server 2016 – E-book now Available

Announcing the new E-Book that I had a chance to work on as a technical reviewer. My good friend at Veeam Software Clint Wyckoff (MVP) wrote this e-book on Windows Server 2016 and asked me to review it for him. It is now available for download from the Veeam Website for FREE.   This eBook will discuss Windows Server 2016 Virtualization, also known as Hyper-V 2016. Many Hyper-V components have evolved with each Microsoft release, and knowing this information is key to understanding the increased functionality and usability.   Many of the new features require the basic usage...

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HyperGrid V-Tax Refund Webinar recording now available

The recording of a webinar I did with Hypergrid is now available online at: Click here to view the Webinar   Replacing VMware with Hyper-V means a cool VMware tax refund. Do you know what your potential savings are? And while it looks great from a budget perspective, if you don’t know Hyper-V very well, it’s hard to know if the migration makes sense overall.. This informative working session shows: How to compute your Vtax Options for maximizing your migration strategy and Windows credits Best practices for migrating VMs Information on free assessment and/or 30-day in-house evaluation Hyper-V deployment...

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Huge announcement – Win a pass to Live 360 / TechMentor in Orlando

We have a huge announcement to make, MVPDays will be giving away a free pass to the TechMentor / Live360 conference in Orlando, Florida from December 5-9 at Loews Royal Pacific Resort You will have a chance to win this amazing prize by attending live in Atlanta September 24, 2016. All valid registrations for speakers and attendees will be automatically entered to win. You must be in attendance in person to claim this prize. As a huge bonus a 750.00 travel credit has been added to this prize making it worth over $3000.00. What a great way...

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MVPDays 2016 Atlanta Call for Speakers now open

    MVPDays North American Roadshow is a technical event that is delivered by industry leading expert Microsoft MVP’s and prospective MVP’s. These sessions are not geared around Vendor Marketing fluff and have real content based on the deep expertise of our world class speakers. In order to have your submission considered please follow these guidelines. 1. Make your title, abstract, and pitch attention grabbing and eye-catching. 2. Your content is interesting, vendor and product agnostic. Conference sessions are meant to educate attendees on current IT innovations, challenges and trends only, and we do not accept product-related submissions. If...

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MVPDays is expanding to the US in 2016

MVPDays was founded by Cristal and Dave Kawula back in 2013. It started as a simple idea; “There’s got to be a good way for MVPs to reach the IT community and share their vast knowledge and experience in a fun and engaging way” I mean, what is the point in recognizing these bright and inspiring individuals, and not leveraging them to inspire the community that they are a part of. MVPDays’ first run was a four city roadshow in Western Canada covering Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. All four cities sold out. This showed how much an event...

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Humble Beginnings with Channel 9

I can’t believe that it has been almost a whole year since we started the journey of publishing our content on Channel 9 #C9. @supercristal1 and myself were on a mission to get at least 10 episodes created in the first 60 days. For any of you that have produced content it isn’t easy to step in front of the camera and produce real quality content. Well here we are almost a year later and we now are approaching our 40th episode. Have a look below at episode #1 it was actually filmed inside of our Travel Trailer while...

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Interview with an MVP a year in Review

Folks it has been close to a year since we launched our Channel9 #CH9 series called . We have had such amazing feedback over the past 12 months that I thought we would highlight our top 8 Episodes. These 8 Episodes alone had over 60K unique views and as a result of your support I won the top Channel 9 contributor in all of Canada.   Coming in with almost 50 K views alone are countdown shows that @supercristal1 and I did. These were so much fun to create and I think that we need to get...

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MVPAward #FridayFive

It is pretty cool when you wake up in the morning and your work is recognized. Today it was by the #MVPAward #FridayFive where they select content from top contributors from around the world and feature it.   You can follow the Friday Five at #FridayFive       This was actually the second time that @ClintWyckoff and myself have been featured in the past few months. Here are links to our respective videos on Channel 9 @ch9   #Ch9 Episode 33 – What the Heck is Nano Server – Live from MVPDays 2016: Interview with Cloud...

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Canadian Community Super Hero Award

  This year I was extremely fortunate to win a Microsoft Canada MVP award for the top Channel 9 Contributor. I am not only honoured to received this award I am extremely grateful to everyone that helped me get rolling. Especially @supercristal1 (Cristal Kawula) her videos on the Channel have been the number 1 views for almost 1 year now. Cristal we need you back to help us with more top notch technical content. I have taken the liberty to highlight just a few of your favourite Canadian MVP’s … Sorry if I missed you … You know...

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Hyper-V Networking Deep Dive

I recently had the chance to do a nice Deep Dive session on Hyper-V Networking. It is often hard for customers to visualize what exactly is being configures with Hyper-V once it is installed.   The Diagram below was an illustration that walked through the following concepts:   Hardware Configuration of the Core Switches (Avaya in this Case) NIC Configurations ( 12 x 1 GB in this Case) upgrading to 10 GB in the near future Comparison of the different types of Windows Teaming Modes (LACP vs. Switch Independent) à We went with LACP for this implementation A walk...

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Veeam Community Pod Cast Live from London UK

I recently had the chance to speak at the London,UK VeeamON Forum with Cristal. We had a load of fun and one of our sessions was recorded and put up on the Veeam Community Podcast # 118   In this episode, Rick Vanover hosts five Veeam Vanguards from around the world in a panel discussion at the VeeamON Forum held in London. The Vanguards participating in the panel are: Craig Dalrymple (@Cragdoo on Twitter) Dave Kawula (@DaveKawula on Twitter) Cristal Kawula (@SuperCristal1 on Twitter) Anthony Spiteri (@SnthonySpiteri on Twitter) John Nicholson (@Lost_Signal on Twitter) The discussion traversed a number of relevant topics today:...

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Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V All you need to know Part 4

In this episode of Interview with an MVP your hosts, Dave Kawula and Clint Wyckoff discuss many of the new features  and answer questions from a recent webinar. Q. What the heck are Containers? Q.  re: containers use case – Condensing the infrastructure I need to support my dev group’s SDLC. Dev, Test, QAT, UAT on one box = 1/4th the VMs I need to patch. Q.  What is nano server? Q.  What type of bandwidth is required for Shared VHDX to work properly?  is 1GB/sec sufficient or is 10GB or higher required? Q.  Will the new Hyper-V...

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Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V All you need to know Part 3

In this episode of Interview with an MVP your hosts, Dave Kawula and Clint Wyckoff discuss many of the new features  and answer questions from a recent webinar.   Q.  any improvements specifically around VMM with server 2016 coming out? we find ourselves going to Hyper-V Manager/Failover cluster Manager instead of VMM often due to performance issues/bugs. Q.  Can I use SCVMM 2008 r2  manage server 2016 and nano? Q.  Do you know when Server 2016 will RTM ??  Estimated date??Q.  Does using Shared VHDX provide High Availabilty in an SQL cluster. For example – if Hyper-V node A...

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