The Case of the Mysterious Reboot #MVPHour @MVPDays #HyperV

This week I was asked by a client of mine to check into why a VM kept mysteriously rebooting. Here are some of my notes about this case à It actually turned into a nice little blog post. I have obviously redacted the customer information for privacy reasons. Case Notes: #1 –> The App Server had a schedule task to reboot every 2nd Thursday at 1:00 AM Note:  You have since disabled this schedule task and it hasn’t been in effect since 04/20/2017 #2 –> Windows updates are coming down via a Cloud Patching Solution on 05/06/2017 –> The...

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Dave’s Cool Tools Part-1 #mvphour #Canitpro @mvpdays #OneDrive #Veeam

Have you ever received an email like the one in the screen shot below? Well, I did this morning and it reminded me of a really cool tool that I always use to solve this very issue. Now remember finding those log files that are running away, temp files and are not needed, and unused files can be very cumbersome. Introducing Tree Size Professional from Jam Software. I have used this software on and off over the past 15 years without fail. They have over 80,000 customers worldwide and it is one of those little hidden gems that can...

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Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 3 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

Communications is key in any project and for those of you that are working on a Hybrid Cloud imitative this blog post will be very interesting. I often get requests from my clients regarding communications plans, email templates, process, and general end user adoption plans. The above items are some of the single biggest non-technical factors to running a successful or not so successful project. Introducing the Microsoft Fastrack website: This site is chalk full of great resources to help you be success with your upcoming projects. Let’s take use our time in this blog post and explore...

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Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 2 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

Now that my account has fully provisioned let’s login and make sure we can actually send and receive emails with the default configuration. Ok so yup we can send and receive email in this newly minted Office 365 Tenant. The journey to a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud can be a daunting task for the IT Pro. Here is an illustration from Microsoft of what this can look like: This blog series will focus on only Microsoft Exchange. In future Blog series, we will look at the other components such as Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, Azure PaaS, and Azure IaaS....

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Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 1 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

This week I have started a new project where a customer will Migrate from Exchange 2010 to Office 365. The cool part about this project is that the Office 365 configuration is “Green Field”. I have worked a long time in my career and it isn’t very often that you have a chance to do thing correct from the start. So, I figured that this would be an amazing opportunity to show case a new Blog Post Series. What we will do over the coming weeks is show you how to: Setup your Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Configure the...

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Congratulations to Cristal Kawula for getting her Microsoft MVP Award today #MVPBuzz #MVPHour

So, proud of Cristal Kawula for finally getting the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award today. It was pretty unbelievable because as I was writing the post about Allan I was emailed this one about Cristal. I don’t know of very many Communities out there like our @MVPDays family that Cristal runs. This now makes 4 x active bloggers on that are all Microsoft MVP’s. Thanks,...

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Learning OneDrive for Business Part 3 @OneDrive #OneDrive #MVPHour

Well this is just a quick update that after setting up my Symbolic Links in the Part 2 of this series. My Mapped Network Drive Files have started to upload. It seemed to take quite a while for the OneDrive for Business Sync Client to process all of the files prior to commencing the upload. The exact time is unknown to me at this time. I don’t really care because once this is done my old File Server is getting turned off As you can see from the screen shot above I only have 94K Files and about 300...

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Improvements to the Blog – We hope you like them #mvphour #mvpbuzz

We have been working really hard as a group of Community Evangelists to improve our blogging content and quality of the blog site. Over the past few weeks we have added some really cool new features to and we hope you enjoy them. New Feature #1 – Mailing List and Blog Subscription list We have long been asked to provide a monthly mailer and updates as content gets posted to the blog. Well we have finally found the time to get this done and all it takes from you is a few simple clicks on the main blog...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 18 #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour

In Part # 17 of this series we were working with some Cisco Meraki Infrastructure. I wrote that I didn’t feel that the Meraki Infrastructure Supported Priority Flow Control 802.1Qbb. I just heard back from Cisco Technical Support and they have confirmed the following:   ***********I redacted the support engineer’s email and such for privacy reasons Sam forwarded me your note.  I can confirm that flow control (802.1Qbb) is supported, but is not enabled on Meraki switches by default.  That feature requires a call to support (415-432-1203), so they can apply an override to turn it on.    ...

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The Ultimate Performance Tuning Guide for Windows Server 2016 #HyperV #MVPHour

I know a lot of us are always struggling to figure out the best way to optimize our Server Farms.   Well look no further… Checkout this Ultimate Performance Tuning Guide for Windows Server 2016. The best part is that you can actually download the entire document in a PDF.       You can check it out here:   In this guide This guide organizes performance and tuning guidance for Windows Server 2016 across three tuning categories:+ Server Hardware Server Role Server Subsystem Hardware performance considerations Active Directory Servers Cache and memory management Hardware power considerations...

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List of my Sessions for #VeeamOn 2017 New Orleans, LA #Veeam #VeeamVanguard #MVPBuzz

Well I seem to have done it to myself again. I submitted a ton of sessions for #VeeamON 2017 and I have been selected for count them 7 sessions. Below is a list of the sessions that will be delivered at the Microsoft Theatre on the Trade Show Floor. We will have a better schedule as the weeks close in on VeeamON. I decided to dig deep and unlock my knowledge for the attendees and our special friends that attend VeeamON. Dave Kawula  Tricon Elite Earn your Black Belt Hyper-V Performance Troubleshooting Dave Kawula  Tricon Elite Top Tricks for...

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#Meetup with the Calgary Microsoft User Group #CMUG and learn about @ONEDrive for Business #OneDrive

Emile and I will be doing our very first presentation as MODE (Microsoft OneDrive for Business Experts) on Thursday May 25, 2017 at the Chinook Mall Microsoft Store Location.     In this session, you will learn about the benefits of using Microsoft One Drive for your business. See a live configuration, real world scenarios, and learn from some of the brightest Microsoft MVP’s in the world. This session will also have plenty of time for a live Ask us Anything Panel from the participating MVP Presenters. Lastly Microsoft has recently launched a new program called MODE – Microsoft...

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Learning OneDrive for Business Part 2 @OneDrive #OneDrive #MVPHour

So, we are starting on our journey of learning OneDrive for Business. I have a goal in mind for this post and that is to Migrate my Corporate File Server up to SharePoint Document Libraries using the OneDrive for Business Sync Client. I have been running the same File Server for my business since all the way back to 2008. It is actually running on a copy of Windows 2008 Storage Server and it has just always worked so why move it. Well nearly 10 years later seemed like as good of time as any. I know a lot...

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Learning OneDrive for Business Part 1 @OneDrive #OneDrive #MVPHour

In this series, we will learn about Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Let’s get started by first logging into to our Office 365 SharePoint Site for myself this is our corporate site at     We have just started to create some new Document Libraries in here and one of them is our Content Development. As you may or may not know we have been doing content development for organizations for the past 15 years and we have quite and extensive library of content. This would be a great starting point for us to get start with our OneDrive...

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#PowerShell – The Patch Solution – Part 5

Having an email in your inbox outlining which machines in your organization that are going to be patched in the next day or two is every service owner/managers dream. So simple and proactive. The email also outlines when the machines are going to be patched and displays how many outstanding updates there are. This is a summary of what will happen in the days to come. Keep reading to see how you can dive into seeing the details of what is about to happen in your organization.

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 17 #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour

I have recently had the chance to work on the configuration of a @Cisco Meraki farm this week. I was brought in to troubleshoot a lot of latency coming from the network. Our HyperConverged Servers were constantly dropping packets and all around it wasn’t a very pleasant experience for the customer.   Upon initial investigation, it appears that the consulting company that implemented them did a pretty much stock configuration. When Meraki Switches are unboxed and implemented every port is configured as a Trunk Port with Native VLAN 1. When I first looked, this was the first thing that...

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PowerShell – The Patch Solution – Part 4

The previous posts on The Patch Solution have outlined the though process and goals to a patching strategy. Now it’s time to start taking that strategy and putting it into practice. Now that we have defined some of our goals (See

The Patch Solution – Part 3 post), we can start looking at how we reach those goals. In my opinion, one of the easiest goals to attain is reporting. This gives you an attainable goal which is completely measurable and trackable. Simply run a report, see where you’re at, update a few machines, run a report and see where you got to. The solutions that we try and come up with at TriCon Elite is all about being free and giving back to the community. We like to strive for secure and simple. For The Patch Solution, we opted to use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

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SCCM PowerShell and Connect to Multiple SCCM Sites at once (DEV/Prod)

There have been quite a few times that I’ve needed to do some comparisons, or even move some objects from one SCCM environment to another. The System Center Configuration Manager console has quite a few options for exporting objects, or saving things to CSV, but then you still need to import it. Check out the rest of this blog post to see how easy it is to report, compare or recreate things between your SCCM environments with PowerShell.

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PowerShell – The Patch Solution – Part 3

So far in this blog series (See previous post: PowerShell – The Patch Solution – Part 2), we’ve explored some of the thoughts and questions that come to mind when thinking about patching your infrastructure. Now we need to design deployment strategy. Keep reading in order to get your mind and ideas flowing for how you can achieve this in your organization. Goals As with your personal development plan that you may have to do with work, you need to have a set of achievable goals. Without having a list of goals in mind, how are we going to...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 16 #StorageSpacesDirect #mvphour

As you read in Part 15 of this blog Series we are able to create some great Gold Images with Big Demo. How do we go about building the actual application Servers from the Gold Images?   Building your Servers with Big_Demo   Whenever you are working with logic and automation it is critical to control the steps that happen.   For example, you can’t join a domain without a functional domain controller? To work around this there is a wonderful PowerShell Function that Dave grabbed from Ben Armstrong @VirtualPCGUy. It’s called Wait-PSDirect and it uses PowerShell Direct to...

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