Azure Security Center adds essential services like Vulnerability Management, Advanced Persistent Threat Protection, Endpoint Detection and Response, Security Recommendations, Security Policies and more. We will onboard TMWAC01 to Azure Security Center using Windows Admin Center.

1. Logon to TMWAC01 (Windows Admin Center server) as Administrator.

2.Open Edge and browse to https://localhost

3.Click Advanced and accept the Security Warnings to continue.

4.Click on TMWAC01, click on Azure Security Center

5.In the Setup, Azure Security Center popup, select your Azure Subscription

6.On Log Analytics Workspace, select use Existing and choose TMAdvancedCyberSecurityLogAnalyticsWorkspace

7.Click on Set up.

8. It will take a few minutes to onboard the system.

9. It will take a little while for information to sync up for the recommendations and alerts.

10.Logon to

11.Open Security Center and view inventory

12.You should see TMWAC01 now having the agent with an installed status.

13.Click on TMWAC01

14.This will open the Resource Health (Preview).

Hope you enjoy this post.

Dave Kawula