.@Microsoft has dangled the carrot will you bite? With their licensing model is called Hybrid Use Rights.

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This basically allow you to use the Windows Server Datacenter licenses on SA that you own today both on Prem and in Azure.

I think this bold move will really strengthen Microsoft’s position, especially with the pending release of Windows Server 2016 soon.


Here is a nice little write-up on this from our friends at .@Gartner :


Hybrid Use Rights enable Windows Server to be used in Azure, overdue perhaps may be a reaction but welcome particularly given the carrot of parallel on premises and Azure usage of a single Windows Server Datacentre license with active SA. That is to say if you acquire Windows Server Datacentre with SA today, for the next three years you can utilize that license on your own premises and in Azure at the same time as an additive right.

But is two for one too good to be true? Consider the potential cost of renewing into the new Windows Server core licensing models in three years time plus the potential risk for Hybrid Use Rights no longer being active at that time. For now at least this change is very much a carrot, and for Microsoft provides added impetus for clients looking to beat the shift to per core licensing when the new Microsoft year begins in July, whilst also creating more momentum for Azure.


More on the updated licensing model can be found here:



What do you think?? Will this move work.


Only time will tell.