In these steps, we will configure Azure Hybrid Integration with Windows Admin Center. These steps are required to configure Hybrid Services such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

1.Logon to TMWAC01 (Windows Admin Center server) as Administrator.

2. Open Edge and browse to https://localhost

3. Click Advanced and accept the Security Warnings to continue.

4. Click on Azure Hybrid Center and click on Register your Windows Admin Center Gateway.

On the Get Started with Azure in Windows Admin Center, click on Copy on Copy this Code.

6. Then click on Enter the code.

7. Edge Browser will open and paste the code in and click next.

8. On the Register, the gateway with Azure click Copy Code and click Device Logon.

9. When prompted login.

10. On the Are you trying to sign into Windows Admin Center page click Continue.

11. On the Windows Admin Center Page, it should display this message.

12. Return to Windows Admin Center and in the Get Started with Azure in Windows Admin Center prompt, choose the correct Azure Active Directory Tenant ID.

13. In Azure Active Directory Application click Create New and click Connect.

Once Connected, you will see a green checkbox beside Now Connected to Azure AD.

15. Click Sign In.

16. You will see a pop-up dialog box check Consent on Behalf of your Organization and click Accept.

17. In Windows Admin Center Hybrid Center, click on Sign in Azure Hybrid Center.

18. You will see Loading Azure Service Information.

19. Review all the options available.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Dave Kawula